Why Hairprint

The truth about Hairprint

Why Hairprint?

All of us want  to look our best.  We work hard to get the best nutrition, exercise and lower our intake of toxins where possible.  But with our current hectic lifestyles, the odds are often against us.

The toxins in our environment, the stress and not to mention - our sometimes not-so-healthy but delicious Asian cuisine - accumulates as we age leading to gray and white hair. 

Some people sprout the infamous silver linings earlier than others.  For most of us, gray hair is inevitable.  Naturally, we turn to “not so” natural solutions like commercial hair dyes to maintain the color of our hair.


The danger that lies within the shelves!

Do you know that most types of hair dyes contain toxins that are harmful to our health?  Some ingredients have been linked to respiratory problems and could contribute to cancer cell production.  Not only are these toxins detrimental for your health but they take a toll on our environment.  Our bodies and mother nature need a long time to remove these toxins from our bodies and the environment.

Our solution is Hairprint, a 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly hair dye.  It is so safe that you could actually eat it, although it doesn't taste so great...  Added bonus, it causes no damage to our environment. 


What makes Hairprint non-toxic and environmentally friendly?

Hairprint is made of eight clean ingredients combined to mimic our own body’s eumelanin.  It is the building block that our hair needs to create pigment.  The eumelanin penetrates the gray hair follicle and restores the pigment in our hair to recreate your own unique hair color. 

It is scientifically proven to be hypoallergenic so people with sensitive skin have no problems using it.  Because it is non-toxic, Hairprint is safe for both pregnant women and nursing mothers.  Hairprint will not irritate the scalp the way many conventional hair dyes can.  Hairprint is also odorless so there are no nasty fragrances that chemical hair dyes use to cover the smell of their product. 

Any remaining dye that is washed down the drain will not pollute the environment as its natural and non-toxic.  Long term use of other chemical hair dyes will likely result in dull, lifeless looking hair.  Hairprint does the exact opposite, you will have more vibrant, natural and healthier looking hair.

Hairprint is the only product in the world that restores gray hair to its true color.  It is odorless, gentle, hypoallergenic, and safe.  Our patented Hairprint formula uses a vegetable extract, made from Mucuna Pruriens (velvet beans), which replicates your innate pigment and infuses it into the cortex of your hair.  Hairprint restores and strengthens the hair while adding body and shine.  It is free of dyes, PPD, PTD, coal tars, parabens, ammonia, ethanolamine, MEA, and chemical foolishness.  

Gone are the days of worrying that your hairdresser gets your hair color wrong or having an unnatural looking hair color.  This is because Hairprint restores your hair to its original and natural color.  Will it work for everyone? For most people but not all.  It won’t work on reddish hair, redheads, or blondes.  It is best suited for all shades of brown and black hair.

It is said that a person’s crowning glory is their hair.  As we age, we lose the glory and just the crown remains, so to speak!  Hairprint enhances and enriches your crowning glory to look as good as new and most importantly, it will be healthier than before.



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