A Man's Guide To Caring For Greying And Thinning Hair

Caring for Greying and Thinning Hair for men

Turning grey can be terrifying for women and men. Calling greying men a ‘silver fox’ does make it sound more appealing, but there is some serious work to do before your average man turns fox. Most greying men have hair that lacks life, and to add insult to injury, most men have to deal with thinning hair too. If you want to have your hair looking it’s best as you get older, Hairprint has 4 easy rules to follow: 

    1. Gently massage your scalp while in the shower. Massages increases blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth. This can help you keep the hair you have and grow new hair as well. Use your fingers to rub your scalp in a circular motion, focusing on the areas where your hair is thinning. Some oils are believed to help further stimulate growth, massage coconut oil, tea tree oil, or almond oil into your scalp before you shampoo. If you want something with a little more oomph, try massaging with Hairprint’s Regrowth Serum for best results.
    2. Handle with care! Your hair will be more likely to break and fall out if you roughly scrub it with shampoo, then use hot water to rinse it and then to top if off, rub it dry with a towel. Be gentle to your hair and it might just stick around a little longer.
    3. Have a balanced diet. There are a few essential nutrients that help hair stay thick and strong. Make sure your diet is well-balanced to nourish your hair from the inside out. Using topical products will only get you so far if your diet isn't healthy. Here's what you need: Protein. Eat meat, eggs, nuts, beans, and other sources of protein to keep your hair healthy. B vitamins. These are found in meat, eggs, and leafy green vegetables. If you're a vegetarian, you may want to start taking a B vitamin supplement. Omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon, sardines, avocados, and walnuts have loads of this important nutrient.
    4. But there is one thing massages and a healthy diet cannot stop, and that is going grey. When we age, we stop producing melanin, which our hair needs to produce pigment. As a result, our hair turns grey. There really isn’t much you can do except dye it. But conventional hair dye is loaded with chemicals which are harmful to you and the environment. Our Color Restorer is the only permanent hair color solution with the coveted MADE SAFE Certification. Your natural hair color is recreated in the hair follicle using 8 food grade ingredients plus you hair gets an overall health boost.  



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