Styling Do's And Don'ts For Men

Styling Dos and Don'ts For Men

Step by step instructions are useful, but you won't know what suits you best until you grab some product (or not) and start experimenting with different hairstyles. Your face shape (oval, round, square, etc.) and hair type (thick, thin, wavy, curly), will determine the type of product and best style for you. That said, there are 5 things that you should keep in mind before doing the "Do".

    1. Less is more! When styling your hair, use only a pea size amount of gel or pomade, overusing styling products can cause build up in your hair making it look greasy and lifeless. Style your hair while it is damp to have a freshly groomed look throughout the day. Keep in mind that gel is lighter and easier to work through your hair, but look for one that's alcohol-free, so you don’t dry out your hair! Pomades and creams are great for unruly hair, since they're thicker. They're also more difficult to wash out, so use sparingly, you can always add more later on.
    2. Use a comb to distribute your product of choice throughout your hair. Create a neat part on one side or the other and style your hair however you like. As a tip, it is best to comb your hair in the direction it grows. So comb the hair in the back and sides down, and comb the hair on top forward. If your hair is long in the front, finish by sweeping it in the opposite direction of your part. Experiment with different looks; try tousling the top instead of parting it, or combing the top straight up to spike it. If your hair is long, curly or kinky, use a wide-tooth  comb to get rid of any tangles - or just use your fingers. 
    3. Avoid blow drying your hair. Instead, let your hair air dry. Blow drying too often can cause your hair to get dry and damaged. If you're concerned about thinning hair, ditch the dryer altogether. For volume blow dry your hair in the opposite direction it grows, if you want your hair to lie flat, point the dryer in the direction of hair growth. 
    4. Men with longer hair, need more maintenance. To keep your hair in good condition and looking great, buy a deep conditioning product and use it once a week. Instead of a leave in conditioner, consider using hair oil. A little goes a long way and as a tip, it’s easier to distribute into wet hair. A wide-toothed comb is better for tangled hair than a brush because it will cause less breakage. If your hair is curly, consider using your fingers to detangle.   
    5. See your barber regularly. A great routine won't make a difference if you're working with unkempt hair to begin with. Some men get it trimmed twice a month, some only go in every three months, figure out a rhythm that works for you and stick with it.



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