Goodbye Gray, the Revolutionary and All Natural Way with Hairprint®

April 15th 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Hairprint, the revolutionary treatment that restores gray hair to its natural glory without the use of toxic ingredients or dyes, is now available in Malaysia.

Gray hair is often caused by the lack or insufficiency of the natural pigment eumelanin. There are many known causes such as diet, stress, genetics and age.  Throughout history, women and men have used minerals and plant based pigments to alter the color of their skin and hair. In the past 100 years, that deeply human practice has become toxic. Hairprint wanted to change that.

Hairprint mimics the way our body creates hair color, and as a result you get your hair color back. It is completely safe, 100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odor free. Unlike chemical hair dyes, which remove pigments in the hair shaft and replace them with coal tar or aniline dyes, Hairprint recreates the missing natural hair pigment eumelanin. Once the eumelanin is replenished, it reverses gray hair, and restores the original color. The reason Hairprint looks so natural on your hair is because it is natural.

Invented and patented by Dr. John Warner from the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry LLC (WBI) and marketed globally by Hairprint under exclusive license, Hairprint is the only product in the world with this revolutionary approach to gray hair. When it was first invented, nobody expected that Hairprint would also transform the health of the hair, making it stronger, giving it more body and luster. Rather than thinking of Hairprint as a coloring agent, think of it as a Hair Healing System with the wonderful side effect of reversing gray hair to its natural color.

The word “Hairprint” refers to the unique pattern in which eumelanin is arranged in the hair of each person. Each strand of hair has a unique internal structure that determines the configuration of pigment in hair. This “hairprint” is as unique and distinctive as a fingerprint, and the pattern determines your hair color.

Hairprint is formulated specifically for brown and black hair. It comes in a kit and comprises of eight food grade ingredients. It can be applied at home, with the help of a friend, or by a stylist in a salon. Hairprint is a three-step process, with each part taking about 20 minutes. Steps #1 and #2 catalyze eumelanin inside your hair. Step #3 locks in the eumelanin so that it cannot leave the hair. Each kit contains everything you need: a hair cleanser, the three restoring treatments, instructions, gloves, and a brush. For people with short to medium-length hair, home application is easily done. For long and thick hair, you may want someone to help you or have it applied at a salon. The eumelanin molecule is large and will stay in the hair for months at a time. The process needs to be repeated when new hair grows out, and the gray strands are back.

Hairprint is available at the webshop for RM 199/kit. As an introductory offer it comes with free shipping within Malaysia and to Singapore.

Hairprint is nourishing and gentle. We wish it was less expensive and only took 30 minutes to apply. It costs more and takes longer because the only way you can change the color of your hair cheaply and quickly is by using harsh toxic chemicals. Those who have used it have discovered a way to restore the health of their hair and bring out its natural beauty.

"Hairprint is a product many women and men have been waiting for and Kijani Asia is proud to make Malaysia Hairprint’s Asian distribution hub, ensuring Asian consumers have easy access to this revolutionary product,” said Natasha Eger, Managing Director of Kijani Asia. "It is a way to restore health and color to hair without the use of toxic chemicals which can cause damage to oneself and the environment. As an Integrative Health Coach, I try to guide myself and others towards the least harmful way of living on our planet. Hairprint does this and more. My hair is healthier, stronger, and more vibrant than it was 10 years ago. In fact, Hairprint is 100% non-toxic containing 8 food-grade ingredients – you can eat this stuff – although it probably wouldn’t taste very good!”

About the ingredients:
Baking soda is what we use at home for baking and cleaning.
Mucuna pruriens extract is made from velvet beans.
Sodium carbonate is made from salt and limestone.
Ferrous iron, an essential mineral
Manganese gluconate another essential mineral
Hydrogen peroxide is made of oxygen and water and naturally occurs in the hair follicle.
N.B. The concentrations of hydrogen peroxide we use are between 1% and 1.5%, a fraction of what one gets in drugstore peroxide. In conventional hair dyes, peroxide is used to break open the hair, and can be up to a 12-15% concentration. We do not use peroxide to open the hair cuticle (which is very damaging) but rather to oxidize the mucuna pruriens extract. When applied to your hair, the peroxide is virtually gone.
Carbomer is an inert thickener used in shampoos and pharmaceuticals.
Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock made from ancient deposits of hard-shelled algae.

Here is a summary of the key benefits of Hairprint:
  • The non-toxic process rejuvenates and restores gray hair to its natural color
  • Restores the hair's natural pigment. Hairprint employs no coal-tar dyes or dyes of any kind
  • Treated hair becomes fuller, thicker, and more lustrous
  • Hairprint is 100% environmentally friendly
  • Consists of eight food-grade ingredients
  • Non-fading
  • Odor free and hypoallergenic
  • Restores all types and shades of brown and black hair
  • Sensitive enough for people who cannot use hair dyes including those undergoing chemotherapy treatments, pregnant and nursing mothers, and those with chemical sensitivities.

About Kijani Asia Sdn Bhd

Kijani Asia is a small and caring Malaysia based green technology company, and the official distributor of Hairprint in Malaysia and the surrounding region. Kijani Asia believes in the magic of green chemistry and bio-based materials, and wants to improve lives by making these products accessible to customers throughout Asia.

Hairprint was launched in the US in 2015 with great success and excellent reviews.  Kijani Asia is proud to announce that Hairprint is now available in Malaysia whereas previously it was only available out of the United States. Products can be ordered from the website and are also available through selected salons.

For more information, please visit or email us at or at


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