A Basic Haircare Routine For Men In Just 4 Simple Steps

 A Basic Haircare Routine For Men In Just 4 Simple Steps

Your Haircare routine should be simple and effective. No one wants a 3 hour ritual that you can't stick to.... Knowledge is power! So figuring out the best tools and learning about your hair is the first step! Hairprint has created four easy steps to keep things simple: 

    1. Choose shampoo and conditioner wisely, mark my words, they are not all created equal! Choose products that work well with your hair type so your hair will look the best it can be. Try to avoid chemicals like sulfate, silicone, ammonia, toluene, and lead acetate conditioner; these ingredients are hard on hair and carry potential health risks. If you have dry hair or frizzy hair, get moisturising or hydrating products that contain oils, butters and other nourishing ingredients. For oily or fine hair, look for clarifying products that contain ingredients like tea tree oil and chamomile.
    2. Don’t wash your hair every day, two or three times a week is enough. Over washing your hair will strip it of its protective oils which are naturally produced by your scalp, leaving it more prone to getting frizzy and frayed.  If your hair gets greasy fast or you work out regularly, consider using only water for the days you don't shampoo.  Water will cleanse your hair of sweat and dirt without stripping away the oils.  Keep in mind, that your hair might feel oily when you start washing less, but don’t worry, a little patience and soon your scalp will adjust.  Like anything, you will see results in a month.
    3. Use warm or cool water instead of hot.  Hot showers are great for your soul, but hot water can dry out your hair.  Warm or cool water is better to wash your hair.  If you can’t live without a steaming hot shower, try finishing it with a warm or cool rinse in order to wash your hair.  It will look healthy and shiny rather than frizzy and dull when it dries.
    4. Spot dry your hair instead of towelling it roughly.  Hair is weakest when it's wet, because water causes the keratin molecules in hair to stretch.  That's why doing a rough towel dry treatment can break your hair.  Instead, use a towel to dab your hair dry and get rid of the excess water, then let it finish air drying.



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