International Shipping

We do ship to virtually all countries in the Asian region.

For international orders: The cost of international shipping does not cover or include customs/import/duty fees or taxes, or any additional delivery fees that may apply. These additional costs vary and are determined by the import laws and regulations of each country. Many countries base their fees/duties/taxes on the total value of your order, including shipping and insurance.

It is the customer's responsibility to know and understand these fees prior to placing an order. The best way to determine what these costs are, is to research your country's import laws and/or ask the shipping carrier. Unfortunately, we cannot calculate, control, determine, or estimate any of these costs, fees, duties or taxes for you. 

In order to help with these fees we subsidize international shipping costs as much as we can (sometimes as much as 22%). The actual costs of shipping, versus what the customer pays, is much higher. 

We cannot declare a lower value than the purchase value for your order. The declared value is stated on the invoice which accompanies each shipment. 

Our standard shipments are not insured. If you want insurance on your international shipment, we can add this for an extra fee. In this case you must contact us before placing the order. 

Please make sure to check your shipping address before placing an order. Hairprint isn't liable for lost/undelivered packages and we do not offer refunds under these circumstances. If your package does get lost or isn't delivered, please contact us within 14 days of the expected delivery date of your order.

If you refuse to accept your shipment due to pending import fees, we have to abandon it at customs because return shipping costs are approximately 2.5-3x what you paid for shipping in the first place. We lose the entire order to customs. As we cannot afford the cost to have it returned to us. Consequently, as a result of any refusal to pay customs fees, you forfeit the entire order and are ineligible to receive a refund on your order including shipping fees.

Our most competitive international shipping rates are from Post Malaysia. While everyone likes a good deal and wants to cut costs, and some of our customers have had good experiences with this shipping option, please note the following:

  1. If there is a problem with your package getting through customs or being delivered for any reason (if shipped with Post Malaysia), we can take zero action to resolve the issue. You will need to contact your local postal carrier to resolve the issue.  A private carrier will usually notify us immediately and attempt to contact the recipient to avoid any delays.
  2. Delivery speed with a private courier is about 3-7 days compared to up to 6 weeks with Post Malaysia. Although we always add a tracking option to the shipment, in reality, tracking is only reliable until the time it leaves Malaysia.  After this time, it depends on the reliability of your local postal service.
  3. Post Malaysia only ships your order out of Malaysia. Your home country postal company is usually responsible for importing and final delivery.
    When it comes to tracing the shipment, often neither carrier takes responsibility. This lack of claiming responsibility on the carriers part, makes resolving problems extremely difficult, if not impossible. As a small family run business, we do not have the resources or staff to help with these issues. Unfortunately, these issues do arise using Post Malaysia as an international shipping carrier.
We prefer shipping with private courier companies. Depending on the destination, we work with both Airpak and Aramex.  We routinely review other options as well.
UPDATE as of March 2019:  It has come to our attention that shipments to India sent with Aramex courier are incurring very high duties and fees in some instances.  This seems to be inconsistent and may vary on the port of entry.  
We understand from our customers that shipping with the postal system tends to incur lesser fees.  
Over the past 2 years, we have not lost a single parcel within the postal system. Before, during and after holiday times (notably Chinese New Year and Hair Raya) the postal service tends to slow down with moving parcels out of Malaysia.  Please do keep this in mind when ordering.
Last updated: March 12, 2019