What Our Customers Say





Out with the bad, in with ALL the good

"There are many 'best' things about Hairprint - doesn't leave a stain on my towel when washing my hair, no color runs and most importantly there is no smell!
I couldn't recommend another safer, more natural product. It saves me from constantly having to colour my hair since it is my natural hair color it blends so well with the new growth."




Thank you so much for the awesome product!

"I have been dyeing my hair with conventional products for 25 years and I always worried about the chemicals I was using. Now I can use Hairprint and not worry about adversely affecting my health. Not only that, but my hair is actually healthier after using Hairprint even though I severely damaged it by dyeing it for so long. I won't ever use anything but Hairprint again! Thank you so much."

-Jenn S-

Hairprint leaves the hair in better condition

"Clients of mine have cried tears of joy squealing, "this is my color, this is my color!" As they marvel at their hair in the mirror. It is really quite stunning! It's as diverse as real hair because Hairprint reads each individual strand of hair with its subtle differences. The eyes are very perceptive and can see these differences. And because Hairprint leaves the hair in better condition, the results on dark brown and black hair are breathtaking."

-Jennifer Brass-