The Beauty Of Fourty!

Beauty of 40The transition from 30-something to 40-something is like a kind of initiation. At first, embracing the body’s changes like hair growing in odd places, gray hair and wrinkles feels challenging. But what happens at 40 is nothing short of miraculous. Rather than being outwardly obsessed, the focus is brought more inward and a new sense of fulfillment is discovered and allowed to grow. There is so much to celebrate about being 40. In most ways life is better, and here's why:

  1. You make decisions for yourself.

    And you are happier for it. Yes, you have family/spouse/employees/pets, but you are no longer making decisions based on what you should do. You are making decisions based on what is right for you. It’s liberating.

  2. You tame the inner critic in your head.

    You know the voice in your head saying you aren’t “enough”, clever enough, pretty enough, wealthy enough. When you hear self-criticism and doubt, say thanks but no thanks! You know that voice is just looking out for you. But you know that you are ready for this and can tell the voice to chill out, it will be fine.

  3. You finally use your gut instinct.

    Saving you the misery of indecision, paralysis by analysis and bad choices made over and over again you have learned to listen to your gut instinct and most of all trust it.

  4. You realize the people you think lead perfect lives... are just as screwed up as everyone else.

    Everyone has their own issues. You find out mean people are mostly just scared. You learn that it’s a waste of time comparing the worst of yourself (your insecurities and flaws) with the best of others (their Facebook profile, family pic, etc.). And on top of it all you realize your flaws may just be assets. Bossy is “gets it done.” Shy is a good listener. Too talkative is a thought leader. It’s all how you use it.

  5. You have resilience.

    Nothing is the end of the world. You have been through enough downs to know that eventually there will be an up. You know that life goes on and the sun always rises the next day. There is always a plan B and time does heal all wounds.

  6. You are more beautiful.

    Beauty at 40 is more of a sensual experience, and has more to do with how you feel inside than how you look on the outside. Any 40-something women who decides to eat well and exercise looks better than they did at 20. There is beauty in living a full life. Your focus changes from "being skinny" to being healthy.

  7. You respect yourself.

    Meaning you can see when someone else isn’t respecting you and value yourself enough to walk away from people who keep you down and keep the ones that build you up close.

  8. You rock your own style.

    By your 40s, especially if you take care of yourself, you know what makes you feel good. You’re not dressing to look “a part”. You’re dressing how you feel. What’s good is that you can try on different roles in your 20s with what you wear. What’s even better is that one day it’s not a role... it’s you. And it’s a powerful feeling.

  9. You simplify your life.

    You start using fewer products, with fewer ingredients in them. You read the labels of food, cleaning products and beauty products and realize less is more. You realize that health is more important than the pursuit of material things.

  10. You encourage yourself to continue to educate yourself. 

    Your bookshelf or E-Reader has made a shift from entertainment to biographies and self-help books. You are learning truths about yourself and real life topics that interest you.

  11. You are filled with gratitude each day.

    You have come to realize, that life truly is short and you cherish what you have. What could be more wonderful than embracing wrinkles, scars and sunspots given to you by the hands of time? Each a story of joy, fear, courage and most of all growth.



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