Could your personality be defined by your natural hair colour?

Could your personality be defined by your natural hair colour?

They say that blonds may have more fun, but brunettes may be the ones you could get married to.

That’s interesting because you don’t really hear as many brunette jokes as you do with the silly blond ones.

While some have discussed that your natural eye color could be the window to your personality (and soul), have you considered that your hair color could also let the world know more about you? Here’s what your natural hair print (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!) could reveal about you:

I like it brown

Being brunette or having brown hair, is the most common naturally occurring hair color. Darker hair is also the most coarse and thick hair type but as a pay off, brunettes have fewer hairs on their head than their blonde and red-haired counterparts.
Men’s Health magazine found that men are more likely to marry a brunette than they are a blonde. This is because they associate women with brown hair as being more steady, reliable and committed.


Blonde-haired people are perceived as fun, lighthearted, glamourous and carry sex appeal (some more than others). An experiment run by Men’s Health showed that men were more likely to offer help to a woman with blonde hair than any other color. If you’re blonde and want to try this yourself, get a friend with another hair colour, walk past a gentleman and both of you drop something. If he picks it up for you first, then you can thank your hair!

Red-dy or not!

Red heads get a lot of attention because you’re a rare bunch (only 2%-5% of the world’s population have natural red hair). You will be noticed and remembered as the “person with red hair”. Not surprising as this color conveys a fiery and sassy energy.
Women’s Health magazine reports that people with red-hair often have increased self-esteem. Although having red hair does not actually alter your personality, believing that it does is just as effective – hence why a lot of red coloring hair products are popular.  
Men’s Health revealed people with red hair have far more active sex lives than those with brown and blonde hair. We think it's because they FIRE up the bedroom! 

Once you go black…
The deep thinker the introspective quiet one… these are the traits that are commonly described for people with black hair. Research also shows people with black hair color tend to be known for their interest in poetry, religion or spiritual matters, and may become consumed in self-doubt. They may be viewed as self-centered, but also can be quite successful in certain helping careers, such as a Psychiatrist or therapist. But aren’t most of the population in Malaysia and Singapore born with black hair? We’re not all introspective, spiritual or self centred!

“Gray”gariously wise!
Ah, gray hair… while many don’t want to face the fact that gray hair is inevitable as we age, it IS something to be proud of. Yes, it could be a sign of age, but it also shows wisdom and experience. Because of this, people with gray hair are seen as mature, knowledgeable and perceptive.
But the best part of having gray hair is that you CAN restore it to your other natural colour! So, now you’re like a wise chameleon who can choose to have either gray hair or whatever your natural hair colour is.

Finally, while some of these studies may be true and your natural hair colour may say a thing or two about your personality, we definitely think that other factors create and define who you are. But it’s always good and fun to know that perhaps our hair colour could play a part too.

Written by the team at Hairprint Asia

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