5 Signs You’re Washing Your Hair Too Much

5 Signs You’re Washing Your Hair Too Much

Did you know that you should be washing your hair less often than when you wash your skin? Meaning not on a daily basis!

It may be tempting to shampoo and condition each morning, especially if your hair easily becomes greasy, but doing so can cause many issues including stripping your scalp of its oils. Think about it, your body is designed to naturally take care of itself and over shampooing/conditioning can get in the way of that process.

Unsure if you're washing too often? Her are five clear signs that you need to give your hair a break.

    • Your color is fading too fast

It may not be the dye's fault. If you highlight or dye your hair, examining how long the color stays vibrant and strong will show if you're washing too much.

    • Your hair is dry and frizzy

Conventional shampoo is designed not only to remove dirt and sweat from your hair, it strips your hair of moisture too. Washing your hair too often can also impact the texture of your hair making it dry and frizzy.

    • Your hair is full of split ends

If you seem to be getting more split ends than usual, this could also be a sign of over-washing. Wet hair is extra susceptible to damage and breakage, so the more you wash it, the more opportunity it has to break.

    • Your hair has lost all shine

Shiny hair is healthy hair. So if your hair has no shine, it could mean your hair is not moisturized. Because over-washing strips the scalps of oils, it will also make your hair appear to be less shiny and look flat.

    • Do you have a lot of dandruff?

This happens when the scalp gets too dry and starts to flaking. So minimising your shampoo sessions will help give your oil glands a chance to do its job and soothe the scalp naturally.

Unfortunately, there is no exact number of times you should wash your hair in a week. Start by skipping every other shampoo/conditioning day, see if you can limit your shampooing/conditioning to 2 times per week. You can use a dry shampoo if your hair feels a bit oily.



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